I’m Not Small!

My fourth grader, Davis, is writing a book. He’s currently on chapter six (although, as he described, the chapters are very short.)

He picked one of the notebooks my Mom bought him for school.  On the very first page he drew his cast of characters. They’re an interesting mix — all of his favorite stuffed animals.  Kind of his own personal Toy Story.

He read the first five chapters to me while I was getting ready this morning. (Isn’t it great when connecting with your kids also checks off their daily reading?)

His characters are inserted into familiar scenes from books and movies and TV shows. One chapter is a Pokemon-like battle. Another feels a lot like Finding Nemo.

My favorite moment this morning was a chapter where Little Bear gets so upset by the narrator that he corrects him.  It made me laugh out loud. Here’s an excerpt [spelling and punctuation are mine, reflecting how he read it to me.  I’ve inserted images so you can see the original].

 Chapter 3: The Surface
Miny was walking around with his small friend, Little Bear.
“I’m not small, I’m little!” yelled Little Bear to the narrator.
“Well, from the booth you look small,” said the narrator in a low pitched voice.
“Well, I’m not small,” said Little Bear, calmly.  “I”m little.”  “I’m little!” yelled Little Bear.
“Okay,” said the narrator.
“Thank you, Nar-”  Little Bear got interrupted: “Smally,” said the narrator. “Smally, smally, smally smmmmmaaaaalllllyyyyy,” said the narrator, laughing.
 “You should see your face,” said the narrator laughing even harder.
“Wait until I get up there,” siad Little Bear.  “Wait.  How did you get up there?” said Little Bear.
“I didn’t get up here.  I’ve been here my whole life.  My Mom and Dad’s skeletons are up here,” said the narrator.

And, that’s it.  The entire chapter is basically a conversation between Little Bear and the narrator.

It’s so much fun to see how he’s taking his experience and using it to imagine something new. How he’s taking his affection for his stuffed animals and lovingly crafting a world where they go on adventures together. So, taking a moment to cherish these moments.  Moments full of imagination and creativity and possibility.


Here’s a photo of the first part of Chapter 3:



Here’s the cast of characters from the front of D’s book:


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