The Plan for Today - Learning to Use a Calendar

The Plan for Today: Learning to Use the Calendar App

Every morning, I back out of our driveway with the boys in the back seats. I start the conversation: “So, here’s the plan for today…” It’s been like this since Davis was really little. Like any of us, the boys handle transition better when they have a sense of what’s coming. So, every morning, I walk through the plan. What activities they have that evening. Who is picking them up. Things they need to remember.

I couldn’t keep track of all those details without a well-planned calendar. Travis and I have worked together to be sure that our Google calendars have the plans for the day mapped out. Every member of our family has their own Google calendar. That gives each of us our own color coding. And, for the boys, an eventual ability to manage the calendars on their own.

Last week, Davis asked me to add something to the calendar for him. I decided in that moment that it’s time to get them both acclimated to adding things themselves. Don’t get me wrong, at this stage of their lives, I’m still happy to be the primary administrators on their calendars. I want to start with getting them comfortable checking the plan for their day themselves. And, knowing that they have access to that plan at any time.

Last night was just the start. But, it was a good one. We covered:

  • Calendar app. Where to find it. What it looks like.
  • Navigating the calendar. Going from day to week to year views.
  • Looking forward. Looking forward to dates in the future.
  • What’s on the calendar. The kinds of things that we put on the calendar (pick up and drop off, activities, optional activities)

I’m planning to slowly introduce the calendar to our daily conversation, asking them to open their devices when we talk about the plan for the day.

The boys added some fun to the evening by really thinking forward – all the way to the year 10,000. :-) Here’s D’s visual proof of his ‘planning for the future.”


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