The #FamilygramChallenge

“So, what do people know about you when they look at what you’ve posted to Instagram?”

This is the question that kicks off our regular Instagram Family Checkins. It’s a question that I love because it goes so far beyond simply monitoring my kids’ activity on Instagram. It also gives us a chance to reflect, serves as a reminder to be mindful of what we post and gives us a fun opportunity to learn about each other. It provides an opening to really talk about the things we love as a family. I’ve learned a lot about what interests my boys and what makes them laugh because of our Instagram checkins.

As part of our Kirsten’s Digital Life project, we’re looking for ways to be more intentional about how we use technology, and specifically Instagram, as a family. Our latest idea – an Instagram photo challenge.

The #FamilygramChallenge

We’re calling our next project the #FamilygramChallenge.  Here’s how it will work:

  • Weekly Themed Photo Challenge. Each week one member of our family will be responsible for picking a theme.
  • Hashtag – #FamilygramChallenge. We’ll use the hashtag #FamilygramChallenge to tie our posts together.
  • Follow Along. We’ll update the themes in the list below or you can follow @KirstensDigitalLife on Instagram to be notified of the weekly theme. See all the posts by searching #FamilygramChallenge on Instagram.
  • Join us. If you’re interested in getting started on Instagram as a family, the #FamilygramChallenge is a great place to start. We invite you to check in on the weekly theme and post your theme photos using the hashtag.
  • Kids & Privacy. The Jensen boys’ accounts will remain private. I’ll regram select photos for the challenge from the @KirstensDigitalLife Instagram account. If your kids would like to participate and keep their accounts private, they can tag the @KirstensDigitalLife account with a note to share and I’ll regram theirs with the hashtag, too. That will give us the best of both worlds – privacy and participation.
  • Weekly Recap. The challenge will run Monday – Friday and we’ll publish a recap blog with our favorite images each weekend.

We do hope you’ll join in the fun. We can’t wait to find out what new things we’ll learn with this challenge.

The #FamilygramChallenge 2016 Themes

March 2016

April 2016

  • Week of April 4: First Animal You See (Davis)
  • Week of April 18: Cats (Reid)
  • Week of April 25: Shadow (Travis)

May 2016

  • Week of May 2: What I’m Reading (Kirsten)


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