#FamilygramChallenge – What I Love About Easter

We had fun with our first #FamilygramChallenge – What I Love About Easter. I’m so excited about this challenge. It was a great way to capture and talk about something that we love. So fun to see the variety of posts. Especially excited that Grandma Lynda joined us, too. This week’s winner? Grandma Lynda – she nailed a perfect, beautiful Instagram photo. Here are all the posts:

Me: @kmjensen27

“One of my favorite things about Easter is our Easter Egg Hunt. This was the last one Davis found. Hidden so well in plain sight.” – Kirsten


“Got it! Easter was sooo fun!” – Davis, 11


Travis @tdjensen13

“One of my favorite things about Easter is Cadbury mini eggs. Although, admittedly I’ve eaten way to many this season and are a little tired of them.” – Travis



“I like spending time with my family.” – Reid, 7


Grandma Lynda

“Flowers and eggs.” – Grandma Lynda

#FamilygramChallenge – What I Love About Easter. From Grandma. #Repost @lynda.lohmeier ・・・ Flowers and eggs.

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#FamilygramChallenge (Week of April 4) – First Animal You See

Our next #FamilygramChallenge theme was picked by Davis. This week, whenever you decide to join the challenge, post a photo of the first animal you see.


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